Creativity workshops -This page contains the basic introductory information to the workshops I conduct.

If you have a suggestion for an art related workshop, please do not hesitate to reach out here!

Creativity Workshop

A workshop exploring ways to reactivate and unleash our creativity.
This workshop is for anyone who wants to enhance their creative ability.
Whether you are a practicing artist, accountant, lawyer, etc, the workshop aims to re-engage your creative nature through tried and tested methods.
Please note which version is being advertised at any given time to make sure you are in the right workshop.

suggested reading for art beginnersHow does the Creativity workshop work?

The workshop comes in 2 parts :

Basic (Lite version )

– A 2-3 hour workshop that lays out the fundamentals of a creative approach. This includes a brief presentation followed by a discussion than a 30-minute exercise to embed the material.

 Intermediate (Explorer version)

– An all-day workshop intensive workshop focussing mostly on the fundamentals of creativity with a hands-on session that will be group critiqued to deconstruct the outcome.

Immersion (Advanced)

– Including all the above plus 30-minute one-on-one sessions with participants. Includes handwriting analysis from an artistic perspective