The total of my days lies tormented still

Deep inside these eyes

A wound non-healing

Feeling eternal depths of silent moans

Where history left its scar

Sunshine on my face

Face another day-no pain

Just memory

Painful memory

Refusing erasure


I see you share a dream

I see generations inspired by your dream

I see your dream inspire all



It was not all in vain

We win now the battle you fought

So free are we now,we create our own chains

Binding brother on brother


Too free we are

And the long road that here led us



“More powerful than truth is the story”

My story-struggle?

Your story?


Our story…

Black History.

Heed the lesson

Fuel ambition with thoughts of those

That sacrificed all

That we could be free

That is

Our Story


Victor Mavedzenge 2008