Victor is the Art Director at Youth Spirit Artworks. Here he performs spoken word at the Summer 2016 graduation in Berkeley CA

Text has been slightly edited

Realize you are here

Tap into the edge of the universe and realize that you are a child of one

Realize that in your eyes shines the galaxies from time untold

Realize that you too have a footprint in this world


Realize there is a space for you

For when you look down in shame and anger, anguish and loss

Realize that the universe embraces you

You are here for a reason and a purpose

You are here for a divine purpose

For amongst millions, you swam out and became the one

So therefore when life beats you up and takes you down

Realize that maybe it is time to take a breath and breathe deep

Come back stronger knowing that as water flows around rocks

You too can flow around your troubles as if they are not there

If an ant will sacrifice its life to go through a rock to get to the other side

What can you go through?

What will you sacrifice?

Realize then that sometimes situations are not meant for you to go through

Let go

Realize this then, that where ever you go and who ever you become

No one has the right to tell you who you are

If you look deep within yourself you will find the answer softly calling out your name

And if you respond to that natural call, you will always be in the right place at the right time

For the universe hums to you and tells you uh uh it is not the right direction

You feel a little uncomfortable

Do not go there

But be careful for it is a gentle soft hum

In a cruel harsh world, it is harsh competition for a soft hum

I beg you, listen gently to your heart

For with in your heart lies the direction leading you to where you should be

And how you should be

But mostly who you should be

It might sound a little cliche but you are truly a part of the universe

If not, answer me this then, how can a star be named (appear in the sky ) if you do not witness and acknowledge it?)

Can that which is not here be acknowledged if it is not here?

It is only that which is here that we acknowledge

You are the witness and it witnesses you

So therefore you come into existence as a dancing, singing, shooting star

Living a brief moment in this part of the universe

Feel great when you wake up in the morning, stand up and say I am here

If no-one else acknowledges it

There is somebody in the mirror to look right back at you

And say, hey, I am here

Go strong!