Screenprinting on dark fabrics can be done in two ways.

One way is to use opaque ink which shows well on dark fabrics. Printing with transparent inks will need a white base printed first.

If you are screen printing t-shirts, for instance you might want to look into opaque inks especially if you are doing a one color process.


Screen Printing at Home can be both fun and profitable especially if you are doing one color designs.


These examples of screen printing one color were done at home with simple equipment like a screen, halogen bulb to shoot the screen, a silk screen and a squeegee (If you would like a video explaining what these are please get in touch here )

This can be an at home business and make money easy online opportunity through showcasing your process in screen printing, the products you use and the results you are getting.

In this video and in the images I used speedball screen printing ink.I also used the photo diazo emulsion from Speedball . Here are some links on  Amazon

Speedball Opaque Fabric Screen Printing Starter Kit-










Speedball 4803 Opaque Fabric Screen Printing Inks, 8 oz, Pearl White