The suggested mindset for Abstract painting.

While it is crucial to understand your material/media it is also crucial to approach abstract painting with the right mindset. The approach I found to be the most effective is being totally nonjudgmental when it comes to the developing work as well as the result.

While it is very hard to paint without making conscious decisions which usually tie you into a “safe” composition, it is good practice to see how much control we try to apply to our painting process. My most successful paintings in abstract form are those that flow naturally and I thoroughly enjoy the process as I take the position of the vehicle or the observer.

How to do abstract paintings

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“Bicycle Race” – 20×16 – $219 – 2016

One of my (See more here) favorite abstract paintings

This is by no means a cut and dry suggestion on how to do abstract paintings. I find that each artist (of which we all are) has their own approach to art. My approach is movement, quick strokes curves curls to start and then space comes in as I begin to use various fluidity in paint to achieve depth.





“Dreams of home”. Painted in 2010 for my Degree show

“I feel that abstract painting without a preconceived idea is the most challenging and also most rewarding way to work. I find myself being caught in trappings of trying to find the familiar route. Sometimes I do not even get all the elements that are in the painting. I have had people show me so much in my work that I personally had not seen. This to me is true painting when you the artist learn from your own painting. The painting to the right is a great example of going with the flow. I totally did not get this painting and did not even feel it would sell. It sold! I am beginning to get what it is about for me personally through pictures. This photo was taken when I showed it at Museum of Childrens¬†Art in Oakland. ¬†Please do watch the video below which shows my daughters painting (She is standing by my painting). This abstract painting by a 3 year old makes me realize how much we lose when we judge our work so much.

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