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Juvenile Heaven

Hot sun burning

Dust lingers in the mid morning sun

Patiently shaping the coming of the rain

Not much pain when the news was preached

Instead, a deep empty gap

Blues lingered in the air

Life is unfair

Thought I

Is there a juvenile heaven up in the sky?


Lonesome breezes washed away footprints

Where we used to play

Gently, the grass sways, come let’s play

It seems to say

Like you said, when the morning greeted us with nothing but play

Play Play


Is there a heaven for kids, I ask the grass?

For if there is none,

Where shall he be when I too walk the broken glass?

Is there

A juvenile heaven



Victor Mavedzenge 2003

Carry me

Carry me softly through the night

On the slightest breeze

Hold me tight

Lest I be blown away

And from your side


In a world so torn and angry

Walk with me-hold my hand

I am a child in the eyes of your love

I shall stare back tenderly

And let all sorrow and fear




Let your tender sigh


Let the memory of you


Carry me softly

Through the night

Hold me

As I tenderly hold you

And carry you

Softly through the night



Performance at Jack London Square

Victor Mavedzenge in performance
Venue Jack London Square Oakland, CA
Date : Friday 17th June 2017
Time 6-9pm
In between live painting and interaction with the audience, I will be performing the following :
Performance #1
Handwriting readings
This performance questions the accessibility of information. By analyzing a participants handwriting, Victor will give a brief profile of the persons character, habits etc.
This performance also intends to blur the line between fact and fiction. Is a fact without a trackable source really a fact or just a coincidence?

Photography and artwork by Victoir Mavedzenge

Back up performances :
Performance # 2
 Poem8 “This cage is me”
Based on a poem of the same title by Victor
Mavedzenge, this performance takes a lyrical look into the nature of self imprisonment.
 Performance # 3
Photography and artwork by Victoir Mavedzenge
A performance about identity. Victor has lived on 3 different continents. This has led him to question his own identity and the idea of home. The performance is spontaneous and will draw inspiration from the audience or lack there of.
All performances are 5-10 minutes long with a 5 minute Q&A session afterwards.