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“Here Now” – An artist’s journey from Zimbabwe to America via London

“Here Now” – An artist’s journey from Zimbabwe to America via London

“Here now” is a multimedia performance by Zimbabwean artist Victor Mavedzenge

Hosted by The Berkeley Impact Hub (2150 Allston Way, Suite #400, Berkeley CA 94704)

Date :  20th of July 2017

Time  7-9pm.

Tickets available on Eventbrite

For more information about the performance please contact Victor on 415 322 9495 or email through the website here

The performance includes vivid memories of childhood from growing up in colonialist Zimbabwe to the cold streets of London where he studied and finally to America where he now lives and works. Through a theatrical poetry performance with a projection of his visual art as backdrop, Victor takes the audience on an emotional psychological melancholic journey.


The guest artist is  the renowned Jazz Poet Charles Curtis Blackwell who delivers a lively often hilarious but poignant performance.

There will also be a 30 minute discussion before the performance as Victor introduces Members of the Berkeley Drop-in Center for whom 50% of the proceeds of the night from the door and sale of Victor’s Art and poetry collection “Here now”.


Victor’s art is a collection of abstract impressions.  They are inspired by Victor’s personal journey, contemplating from afar the cultural and political turmoil of his native Zimbabwe, living abroad and adapting to differing cultures.  The artwork essentially becomes a comment on the subject of home and belonging.
 His work is characterized by vivid color, broken surfaces and movement.


As a performance artist, Victor infuses poetry, storytelling and comedy creating a visceral

experience that appeals to the human condition.

This is the second version of the performance “Here Now” . The first version was held at La Pena Cultural Center in 2014



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