Prince Ea’s poem ¬†breaks down the labels that society has bestowed upon us

This is my spontaneous response to the Poem in the video

We are indeed one people but unity is the spanner that jams the greed machinery
Look back and you will see that through out history
We have been pitted against one another for the others benefit
For every fist we throw at each other, a dollar falls in the pockets of the architects of this society

We are the oil that feeds the capitalist machine which designs and sells us the machine gun to fight one another
In this mist of labels we see one another as adversaries and not brother and sister, in a world that does not need to be bitter

If we all realized the truth which is that we are one people, the machine would starve because it feeds on hatred and not love
You see, in oneness we can not hate so that label is the glove that conceals the love and suffocates us into anger

Information is power, the media cog in the machine now lies obsolete as the truth becomes harder and harder to sensor
Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are now the new agents of truth as more voices dig up the past and reveal what happened to our predecessors
The bare bones of the machine lie in the open for all to see
We are not labels but innumerable entities that can be beautiful and harmonious

If we drop the labels and focus on the truth which is the fact that we are one
We will realize how we have been pitted against one another for the architects financial gain
And if we do not accept this truth we will remain players in a system that feeds on hatred