Month: June 2016



Bow down to the call of love

Admit your silence

Close your eyes to the reality

Give your hear half a chance

Look deep in her eyes

let your heat dance


You are in a trance

She is the Queen of Hearts

She just stole yours

With but a glance


Alone with the silvery moonlight

You see her face

She is all that matters

Now,till the borders of eternity appear

She is an Ace


Thoughts of her warm embrace

Close your eyes

Let your heart decide the pace

You see her face unbound by time nor space

In the faint light of your imagination

You see her face

You feel her grace

She is the Queen of hearts

She just stole yours


Love me tonight

Help me murder the morning,extend the night

Stay by my side,cuddle your baby

Sleep softly

Sleep by my side



ÓVictor Mavedzenge



The total of my days lies tormented still

Deep inside these eyes

A wound non-healing

Feeling eternal depths of silent moans

Where history left its scar

Sunshine on my face

Face another day-no pain

Just memory

Painful memory

Refusing erasure


I see you share a dream

I see generations inspired by your dream

I see your dream inspire all



It was not all in vain

We win now the battle you fought

So free are we now,we create our own chains

Binding brother on brother


Too free we are

And the long road that here led us



“More powerful than truth is the story”

My story-struggle?

Your story?


Our story…

Black History.

Heed the lesson

Fuel ambition with thoughts of those

That sacrificed all

That we could be free

That is

Our Story


Victor Mavedzenge 2008

Carry me

Carry me softly through the night

On the slightest breeze

Hold me tight

Lest I be blown away

And from your side


In a world so torn and angry

Walk with me-hold my hand

I am a child in the eyes of your love

I shall stare back tenderly

And let all sorrow and fear




Let your tender sigh


Let the memory of you


Carry me softly

Through the night

Hold me

As I tenderly hold you

And carry you

Softly through the night